Business Transactions And Disputes

Every business engages in contractual relationships with individuals or other businesses, and sometimes these relationships need to be protected from potential conflicts by the careful drafting of simple, clear definitions of the parties’ obligations in a business agreement. Our firm can help you to work through the critical elements of the business relationship, and make sure that all essential points are covered in your written agreements.

And in instances where existing agreements or the absence of a written agreement has resulted in a dispute, we can help there too. As many businesspeople are aware, most business disputes are resolved through a settlement process, sometimes after litigation is initiated by one party or the other, and while we hope that none of these complications will ever happen to you or your business, we are there if you need us to assist you toward resolution.

If you have any specific issues you would like to discuss, feel free to contact Kelley Roark, Esq. at for a consultation at no charge.