Entity Formation - Incorporations

South Florida residents frequently have the need to create a business entity to conduct their business in the area. Kelley Roark PA has assisted dozens of business owners to start up their businesses, obtain EIN numbers from the IRS, create initial employment and confidentiality agreement, enter service contracts, obtain specialized licenses (such as import-export), and comply with local Business Tax, Certificate of Use, and other regulations.

For foreigners engaged in real estate purchases, creation of a business entity is almost standard, sometimes with an off-shore corporate shareholder of the new Florida corporation which will hold the real estate. Our firm is familiar with these structures, and can walk our international clients through the process while facilitating their real estate closing. And because the legal work is being done in conjunction with a real estate closing, the legal fees will also be less than if separately contracted.

For more specific information about your entity formation needs, contact Kelley Roark, Esq. directly at kroark@kelleyroarkpa.com.