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Kelley Roark PA has been managing and facilitating commercial and residential real estate transactions in South Florida for over 20 years. For commercial investors, we will help your company deliver all lender requirements (such as surveys and Phase I environmental studies) and will monitor the loan process closely until the closing is concluded. We will assist in resolving any code violations, insurance, or encroachment or other title issues, and will create any entities or entity documents needed to conclude the transaction.
  South Florida residents frequently have the need to create a business entity to conduct their business in the area. Kelley Roark PA has assisted dozens of business owners to start up their businesses, obtain EIN numbers from the IRS, create initial employment and confidentiality agreement, enter service contracts, obtain specialized licenses (such as import-export), and comply with local Business Tax, Certificate of Use, and other regulations.

  Every business engages in contractual relationships with individuals or other businesses, and sometimes these relationships need to be protected from potential conflicts by the careful drafting of simple, clear definitions of the parties’ obligations in a business agreement. Our firm can help you to work through the critical elements of the business relationship, and make sure that all essential points are covered in your written agreements.