For Realtors

At Kelley Roark PA, we recognize that the realtor is a central player in the real estate transaction, and we encourage your participation in the process.  To that end, we give you your own personal login to our website, to upload or download documents, check if documents were received, check the status of the closing, and to respond to requests from the title agent seamlessly.

This login is created the first time you place an order with us, and you will use the same login for all subsequent transactions.  After you  place an order (click HERE to view the form), we send you a login username and password.  Log in, and you will have the closing information at your fingertips.  Once you log into our system, simply select the transaction you want to address today, out of the list that will be displayed.  This  system will also enable you to check multiple transactions at the same time without logging out, which can be a time saver.  No need to rummage for a contract or addendum to check on a term, when you can simply log in and read the term online.  No need to call that seller again to be sure that the loan payoff was ordered, when you can log on and see if it is there, then email the title agent to remind the seller again.  Our ALTA form will be online to confirm that your commission is correct, as well as the TRID-compliant Loan Closing Disclosure, when applicable, so that you can be assured that everything is being done according to the procedures outlined in the new CPFB regulations released in October 2015.  Our plan is to eliminate problems for you, and make you look good to your buyer or seller, as an informed and integral link in the closing process.

For your convenience, typical closing forms from our underwriter, Chicago Title, are included HERE.

To see what the online interface looks like, click on  Place an Order  in the Main Menu, or select How to Use this Website.  There you will find screen shots of a typical transaction, and an instructional video to show you how it works. We think you will fall in love with it!

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As you may be aware, buyers now can select their own title company, even in HUD transactions.  For the HUD Title Company election form, click HERE.